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General Wiki Help

Please see the MediaWiki Handbook. If you want to experiment with wiki syntax without editing actual articles, you can use the Sandbox. You must be logged in to SpottersWiki to create or edit pages.

Creating a New Article

Do not add airport information to a category (continent, country, etc.) page. Instead, create a new article for the airport if one does not yet exist!

Create the Page

To create a new article (that is, add information about a new airport), visit the Start a New Article page, fill in the name of the airport, and click Create article.

Use the Newarticle Template

Once you have created the page, the first thing you should do is use the Newarticle template to fill in the basic structure of a SpottersWiki airport article. The web page will state that there is no text on the page; click the Edit button to bring up the screen to edit that page. Enter the following into the box, then click Save Page:


Then you can click Edit again and start filling in the article. The Discussion page for the Newarticle template includes further information on using the template, and the Discussion page for the Infobox template covers filling in the information box.

It is not necessary to add articles directly to the category pages. When you fill in the Category field in the template, your page will automatically be added to that category.

Create Redirects

You should also create two Redirects, one for the airport's IATA code and one for the airport's ICAO code, so that people can find the article by typing either of the codes in the search box on the side of every page. You do this by creating an article named with the code, and adding as the text of the article, the word #REDIRECT and the name of the article on your airport. For example, to create a redirect from LAX to the article Los Angeles International Airport, you would add the following as the text of an article named LAX:

#REDIRECT [[Los Angeles International Airport]]

There is a text box to simplify this on the Start a New Article page.

Adding Links to Sample Photos

Templates are provided to easily provide links to sample photos hosted at,, Flickr,, and All you need from each site is the ID number for the photo (and the poster's user ID for Flickr), and enter it with the appropriate template. See each template's discussion page for instructions:

You may also upload your photos directly to SpottersWiki. The MediaWiki Handbook has information on how to include images on article pages.

Embedding Maps

See the examples for the Maps extension for details on how to embed maps on SpottersWiki pages.